Dubai, Positive Psychology and Happiness 2019
No Diet Concept – speaker

Emotional eating and stress-related eating are widespread problems. It is ironic how obesity and eating disorders are becoming more prevalent despite the endless choices of available diets and relatively affordable fitness services. These facts might indicate that we could be searching for the solution in the wrong places and that we might not see the roots of the real problem. If our eating habits are mostly based on a random and uncontrolled emotional state of mind, it is obvious that we must take control of our emotions and reactions first. Diets alone will not support this inner journey. Taking control of our emotions is a matter of self-development. There are many steps between the recognition of our emotional state of mind and the applied meal plans. The meal plans should be the last step of the process.

International Sport and Fitness Middle East, Dubai 2019
Speaker: Psychology Re-defines Fitness Communication