My Ereps-Approved Training

Krisztina Csurgo Ereps L4 PT

Psychology and Pedagogy in Personal Traning – NOW IN EUROPE – for personal trainers with at least 2 years of experience book your date for your PTgroup

  • Emotional eating
  • Control Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Facing Emotions
  • Roost of Addictions
  • Social Pressure
  • Case Studies
  • Brainstorming
  • Coaching tools
  • Online Support and Follow up


Workshop’s name: Psychology and pedagogy in personal training

Pre-existing certification and experience: PT certification, currently working personal trainers with 2 years+ experience

Short description: Introducing the psychological and pedagogical background of personal training with special focus on obesity and eating disorders related to the population in an average gym environment. Introducing the experience based learning pedagogy approach.

Length of the workshop: 1 day long face to face interactive meeting

Country of delivery: Europe/Middle-East

Language: English/Hungarian

Instructor’s name: Krisztina Csurgo Instructor’s background: Ereps level 4 PT (2010)
Course manuals: Notes, Recommended book list to read

Learning outcomes:
To be able to understand the psychology behind obesity and dealing with overweighed clients
To understand how psychology related knowledge supports sales
To understand the neurochemical background of addiction and eating disorders, emotional eating
To be able to recognize clients with light and manageable anxiety
To be able to recognize clients with psychological traumatic level
To understand the difference between motivation and inspiration
To understand the relationship between brain development and personality
To understand the cycle of coaching-sales-customer-care-customer satisfaction
To be able to apply experience based learning in PT
To understand the relationship between the right pedagogical method and sales
To understand social pressure and cultural manipulation related to eating habits
To understand emotional and stress related eating
To recognize the different types of emotional and stress eaters

Course assessment: Online test and case study within 1 week. (1 week for practice during the daily job + needed study and online support.)

Rating: 20%for attendance, 10% for activity on the workshop, 40% on the test, 30% on
the case study. Assessor’s name: Krisztina Csurgo, Mohamed Eissa


300 EUR/person
Group-discount is available. Please, contact for further information.