About me

Ours was a family, where weight issue was a problem everyone struggled with

I personally struggled with being too skinny and boyish. My sister had a problem with some extra weight and the extended family was officially obese.

As I think back, me and my sister were living in shadows of each other.

I always wanted her attention as a baby sister, while for her, looking at me was like looking in a mirror – a mirror that constantly reminded her. None of this helped us maintain a deep relationship but it made me more aware of the behavior of people around me and on a subconscious level I started analyzing people.  

Later on as a beginner personal trainer, I felt an uncanny connection with my clients. It was probably because I knew the related psychological factors such as shame, blame and losing control that I could connect with.

I noticed that most clients would lose weight and then gain again. It was like a pattern. As their trainer, I started to feel frustrated. Was I doing it wrong? I started thinking. “How can I just take a leg day or a shoulder day? I need to take a more holistic approach and deal with this person as a human and not just a collection of body parts that need to get into shape”. Once I started talking to my clients, I realized most of them had deeply rooted psychological issues. Interestingly, not just those who were obese; even some who looked very fit and were fitness freaks, were using fitness as a coping mechanism with their own insecurities. I felt that catching the psychological cues was important.

So I twisted and turned the conventional personal fitness training and put those puzzles back together on a different way.

I provide an environment where we can develop the personality according to the blockages which are indicated by emotional eating. 

This development is based on an instant and rapid experience which naturally comes with the successfully performed physical challenges.

In other words I let my clients heal themselves by those first hand feedback about their emotional, mental and physical capacity which were hidden for them before.