Personal training without meal plan, the psychology behind fitness.


Krisztina Csurgo is a Hungarian personal trainer ( EREPS) who started her fitness career in Cairo, Egypt in 2011 and she is currently based in the Middle East.

She has worked with several expat families, individuals, local high profile clients and has experience with juniors and seniors.

Working with two aspects of the fitness industry (child development and one on one personal training) she developed revolutionary training for those trainers who are committed to keep up with the rapid changes in the industry and are ready to refresh their brands from time to time.

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No Diet Personal Training is a philosophy.

While working with clients we do not recommend or suggest any kind of meal plan.

Rather, a No Diet Personal Trainer tries to detect the emotional-based meals in a normal day of the client. We overview the routine of the person and/or the whole family in order to prevent any stress related snacking.

Our mission is to teach people remember how to listen to their bodies and gut again, just like we all did when we were babies.

In this way we are able to offer a long term strategy which can co-exist and can be implemented with any kind of lifestyle in any culture.

The personalized No Diet Personal Training program is able to positively affect the following common problems :

  • Self-esteem issues
  • Low level of motivation
  • Control issues
  • Self-sabotage
  • Emotional eating
  • Weight regain
  • Balance

What does a personal trainer say who works with No Diet philosophy?

  • (S)he says that diets should be recommended only in case of serious health issues and only for a certain time period
  • (S)he says that once medically rooted diet is involved in the mainstream fitness industry it is purely a business based idea
  • (S)he says that none of the food allergies are final results but symptoms
  • (S)he says that moderate weight loss does not require special diet
  • (S)he says that you should NOT feel any guilt related to eating habits and explains why and how to try to make up your relationship with food
  • (S)he says that there is no such thing that bad food and good food and will prove that those are just labels with a serious business idea behind it
  • (S)he says that if you are able to find the suitable physical activity it will automatically support your self- development, which means that you will also get to know your body better.
  • This way you will be able to listen to the signals that your body and gut sends. This will help you to understand when you are truly hungry on the long run.
  • (S)he says that your workout is not the goal but the way and the path which will take you closer to your better version
  • (S)he says that no happiness can be produced from the outside as it will never give you long term balance. Real happiness comes from within and so there is no relationship between body images and true happiness
  • (S)he says that you should not compare yourself to anyone as 7 billon people have 7 billion different realities and standards
  • (S)he says that she supports you to become a butterfly but she only shows directions. The decisions are always yours.
  • The No Diet PT is more than just a fitness trainer. (S)he is a mentor, a friend, a brother and an equal partner on every level. (S)he will not push you down nor rise you up. Rising up yourself will be your job which will automatically happen during the personalized common work

The Benefits of the No Diet Certification

  • Being visible for your potential and knowledgeable clients who search for the newschool thinkers
  • Standing out of the crowd
  • Earning the respect for not to be committed to any trends on the diet market
  • Defining your micro niche
  • Being part of the fitness paradigm shift and actively influencing it
  • Using the No Diet PT logo in all your marketing materials
  • Being able to build up and support the pre-diet process

How to be a No Diet certified personal trainer?

If you want to extend your basic knowledge in order to fulfill the changed client needs:

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